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Boat and Oar Rental

Rent your boat and oars

Together with World Rowing the OC established an open market for the boat and oar rental providers to allow for a good mix of different providers at the 2024 WRMR. Please reach out to the individual providers for details and re-check this page from time to time for updates.

Boat Rental


We are very pleased to introduce you to our new booking system for the World Rowing Masters Regatta Brandenburg 2024. You will gradually be able to book a boat with us for your wanted race. After selecting the day, you can choose a suitable boat for your desired race. We hope you can find the matching boat – Your Boatyard Empacher Team


For reserving seats, contact Falcon Europe using the following email address:

For racing: 40 EUR per seat. The will boat be provided 1 hour before the race.
For training: 30 EUR per seat for one hour of training.

Reservations start now until the last day before the competition. From August 19 the seat for the competition increases to 50 EUR except for mixed crews which remains at 40 EUR until Friday September 13.

You can have a personal reservation of the boat for one up to seven days. We will make a quote.


We will be at for you World Regatta in Brandenburg from September 9th to 15th.

In addition to boating, we offer repair and spare parts services. You can find us in the rowing workshop arena. We offer you straps and skulls in collaboration with Concept2 Germany.

Bookings can be made via our website:

Information and questions:

Rent per race: The boat and skulls/oars will be ready for pickup 60 minutes before your race. You can adjust shoe size, oar height and stretcher in our adjustment area. We expect the boat and accessories to be returned undamaged 30 minutes after your start time.

Rental per day/for the regatta: The booked boat is available to you with personal advice for the entire regatta or the day. Please note the official training times. We will be happy to support you with any questions about technology and help you adapt the boat material.


Discover Kanghua’s 30+ available new generation boats:technology with purpose. Benefit from a special offer: teams confirming reservations before August 20, 2024, receive free consultation and 30-minute training.

Please visit  for more details.


Check for details.

Oar Rental

Braca Sport

All offered oars are of racing type.


  • Sculls: 50 EUR/pair for the whole regatta
  • Sculls: 10 EUR/pair for one race
  • Sweep: 40 EUR/pcs. for the whole regatta
  • Sweep: 10 EUR/pcs. for one race

For orders write to Braca Sport accepts cash or card payment.


Book your Concept2 Oars for the World Rowing Masters Regatta at Oars can be booked by the hour or for the entire event. Any questions? Contact