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Event Bulletin


Dietmar Woidke, Minister President

The sport of rowing has a long tradition in our region. Many internationally successful rowers hail from Brandenburg, and with the beautiful and modern Beetzsee regatta course, we have a competition venue that meets the highest standards. Two Junior World Championships, one U23 World Championship, and one European Championship have already been successfully hosted here in recent years. I am firmly convinced that the organizers, along with their many dedicated volunteers, will optimally prepare and demonstrate the significance of sports in fostering international understanding during this year’s gathering of the international Masters community.


Steffen Scheller, Mayor of Brandenburg

With the World Rowing Masters Regatta 2024, the long tradition of hosting major international rowing events on the Beetzsee in Brandenburg an der Havel, which has been ongoing since 1972, continues. We look forward to welcoming numerous athletes from around the world to our beautiful city with open arms.

Jean-Christophe Rolland, World Rowing President

The World Rowing Masters Regatta stands as a testament to the enduring passion and dedication of rowers across the globe. The decision from World Rowing to host the 2024 World Rowing Masters Regatta in Brandenburg an der Havel reflects the esteemed reputation of the modern natural Beetzsee regatta course and the local organizers within the international rowing community. The World Rowing Masters Regatta isn’t just about the races; it’s a festival of rowing, and expect nothing short of a superbly organized competition in Brandenburg, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.


Moritz Petri, President German Rowing Federation

After hosting several World and European Championships, the German Rowing Association is very pleased to welcome the best masters rowers from all parts of the world to their season highlight in our country for the first time this year. With the well-established Beetzsee regatta course and the experienced organizing team, Brandenburg an der Havel provides the best conditions for a successful international sports event of the highest caliber.

Ulrike Hartmann, President Brandenburg Regional Rowing Federation

After the World Rowing Masters Regatta 2023 took place for the first time on the African continent, we, the rowers from the Brandenburg federal state, now have the great honor of hosting this exceptional sports event this year. We gladly embraced the associated organizational and logistical challenges because our efforts to further develop the Brandenburg an der Havel regatta course are consistently supported at the municipal and state levels. Once again, we have many reliable partners by our side, ensuring that it will be a fantastic celebration for rowers from around the world!

Volker Garmatter, Presidient Organizing Committee

For many months, our dedicated volunteer organizing team has been working tirelessly to prepare and ensure the success of the World Rowing Masters Regatta 2024. In the remaining time until the start of the first race, we will continue to do everything possible to make the stay of our guests from around the world as pleasant as possible and to provide fair competition conditions for the athletes.

Ronja Fini Sturm, Olympian

I am very excited about the World Rowing Masters Regatta in my hometown. After participating in numerous World and European Championships, as well as the Olympic Games in Rio 2016, I may have concluded my career as a competitive athlete. However, at the grand gathering of Masters rowers in September 2024 on our Beetzsee in Brandenburg, I will be participating in various boats. I am already looking forward to the rowing races.

Lars Beilfuß, Masters Rower

I have participated in numerous World Rowing Masters Regattas over the past 20 years. Many times, I have imagined what it would be like if my rowing comrades from all parts of the world would come to Brandenburg an der Havel one day to compete on the Beetzsee. Now, this dream is coming true, and it fills me with pride and happiness.

General Information

The 2024 World Rowing Masters Regatta takes place in the city of Brandenburg, Germany. Germany is located in the heart of Europe and is part of the European Union. For participants, it is convenient to reach by plane (Airport Berlin/Brandenburg, BER), train (Brandenburg Hbf, main station) as well as by car (motorway A2, exit no. 78 Brandenburg).

Germany itself is formed by 16 federal states. Between the larger rivers Elbe and Oder the federal state of Brandenburg is located in the north eastern part of Germany. The federal state of Brandenburg also surrounds the capital of Germany, Berlin. About 70 km westwards from Berlin’s center and besides the name-giving river “Havel”, the city “Brandenburg an der Havel” (Brandenburg along the river Havel) is located. Please take care not to confuse the federal state with the city which usually both go by the same short name “Brandenburg”.

With the two rivers Havel and Spree, the region of Berlin and Brandenburg is one of the most attractive ones for water sports and water tourism in Germany. The climate in late summer/early autumn allows for rowing competition under pleasant conditions.

Key facts about Germany

  • Population: 84 Mio.
  • Capital: Berlin (reachable in about one hour from the venue)
  • Electricity: 230V/50Hz
  • Currency: Euro (card payment may not be possible everywhere)
  • Timezone: UTC+2
  • Height above sea level at the Venue: 32 m


Organizing Committee World Rowing Masters Regatta 2024

Masters Rowing Commission

  • Ronald Chen (USA, Chair)
  • Gary Bain (GBR)
  • Inga Daukantiene (LTU)
  • Santiago Fuentes (MEX)
  • Sebastian Franke (GER)
  • Ana Nikolic (SRB)
  • Herman van Velze (RSA)

Important phone numbers

Police: 110
Emergency/Fire Department: 112

Nearest Hospital

Universitätsklinikum (University Hospital) Brandenburg
Hochstraße 29
14470 Brandenburg an der Havel
Emergency open 24/7
Distance to the venue: 3,4 km


Sunrise (Sep 11): 6:39 hrs
Sunset (Sep 11): 19:33 hrs

Temperature*: 13.5°C (morning), 22.5°C (noon)
Relative humidity*: 91.6% (morning), 60% (noon)

*Average values during event days in 2020-2023

Visa Regulations

In principle, every foreign national needs a visa in advance to be allowed to enter Germany. Exceptions to this rule are foreigners from EU countries and other countries for which the EU  has relieved this necessity for stays of up to 90 days within 180 days.

You can check if you need a visa on the website of the Germany Ministry of Foreign Affairs (available in several languages)

Invitation letters can be requested at the OC by writing an email to


The region of Brandenburg an der Havel the cities nearby offer numerous historical and cultural highlights. Detailed information about the city and its surroundings can be found under the Tourism section.

Event and Venue Information

The 2024 WRMR takes place at the “Beetzsee” regatta course, which is one of the most modern facilities of its kind in Germany. Since its opening in 1969, numerous top-notch competitions have taken place here, including the Junior World Championships in 1985 and 2005, the U23 World Championships in 2008, and the European Rowing Championships in 2016.


Regattastrecke Beetzsee
An der Regattastrecke 1
14772 Brandenburg an der Havel

Route planning with Google Maps

Further details on travel options can be found on the respective subpage.


Venue Map

  • A – C: Boat Parks A to C
  • D: Boat and Oar Rental area
  1. Accreditation Center/Registration
  2. Participant/Trailer Parking
  3. OC Parking
  4. Bus Stop (Line to/from Main Station)
  5. Parking for Disabled People/VIPs/Exhibitors
  6. Ergometers (Warm-up/cool-down/training)
  7. Bag Drop
  8. OC/NTO/ITO Area
  9. Entry Changes (RegattaCentral desk)
  10. Info Desk
  11. Doping Control
  12. Outgoing Pontoons
  13. Bow Number Distribution
  14. Control Commission
  15. Incoming Pontoons (HS = Hot Seat Pontoon)
  16. First Aid/Medical Center
  17. World Rowing Merchandising
  18. Boat Repairs/Services
  19. Volunteer Center
  20. OC/World Rowing Offices
  21. Market Place, Food Court, Entertainment
  22. Victory Ceremony Pontoon
  23. Finish Tower
  24. VIP Area
  25. Grandstand

Arrival and Parking

Information on travel options can be found on the respective subpage.

Upon arrival, boat transports proceed to the parking area (see map above) and follow the instructions of the stewards. Access to the boat parks, other venue areas and the street An der Regattastrecke by car/trailer is not permitted. Parking is not allowed on the streets around the regatta course. Controls will take place by the local authorities and misplaced cars will be removed.

On the venue, boats must be stored on the designated racks.

The boat parks are dedicated to the following boat classes:

  • Boat park A – Eights, Fours/Quads
  • Boat park B – Fours/Quads, Pairs/Doubles
  • Boat park C – Pairs/Doubles, Singles

Parking on the parking area is available at a fee.

  • Day pass: € 10
  • Week pass: € 40

Parking tickets are to be purchased on-site. Non-motorized boat trailer parking is free of charge.

Regatta Program


Day Time Program Item
before Sep 9 Venue Closed (lockdown/setup)
Monday, Sep 9 8:00 Venue open
9:00 – 18:00 Official Training
20:00 Venue close
Tuesday, Sep 10 7:30 Venue open
8:00 – 18:00 Official Training
20:00 Venue close
Wednesday, Sep 11 7:30 Venue open
8:00 – 11:00 Official Training
12:00 – 19:00
(to be confirmed after draw)
19:00 Opening Ceremony
21:00 Venue close
Thursday, Sep 12 7:00 Venue open
8:00 – 19:00
(to be confirmed after draw)
21:00 Venue close
Friday, Sep 13 7:00 Venue open
8:00 – 19:00
(to be confirmed after draw)
21:00 Venue close
Saturday, Sep 14 7:00 Venue open
8:00 – 17:00
(to be confirmed after draw)
17:00 Octogenerian Ceremony and Entertainment
17:30 Club Trophy Ceremony, Flag Handover
evening Cultural Program in the City
21:00 Venue close
Sunday, Sep 15 7:00 Venue open
8:00 – 14:00
(to be confirmed after draw)
after last race Closing Cermony
17:00 (tbc) Venue close

Ceremonies and Socials

Opening Ceremony

On Wednesday 11 September, the official opening ceremony will start at 19:00 (to be confirmed after the draw) at the regatta venue.

Octogenerian Ceremony

Each competitor who is 80 years old or over and starts in a race will receive a medal with a special Octos lanyard. The ceremony will take place on Saturday 14 September, immediately after the last race at the grandstand.

Club Trophy Ceremony

The Club Trophy Ceremony will be held on Saturday after the Octogenerian Ceremony. Three trophies will be awarded:

  • Trophy for men’s events
  • Trophy for women’s events
  • Trophy for the combined points for both women’s & men’s events

Please refer to the website for the rules relating to awarding of points for these trophies.

Flag Handover

The flag handover will take place at after the Club Trophy Ceremony on Saturday 14 September. During this ceremony the World Rowing flag will be handed over to the organizing committee for the 2025 World Rowing Masters Regatta, signaling the start of the countdown to next year’s event in Banyoles, Spain.

Social Events

Instead of having an event at the venue, we invite the 2024 WRMR participants to take  part in cultural events of the city.

Guitar music events take place in the city including historic gothic churches on Saturday evening. The events are an opportunity to enjoy a variety of national and international guitar artists and their music.

On Saturday a cabaret festival takes place in the city center’s historical Slavic village. Enjoy a mix of chanting, dancing and vaudeville entertainment accompanied by food and drinks inspired by the medieval period in which Brandenburg was founded.

Last but not least, you can enjoy the city’s hospitality with its restaurants and bars in the historical center.

We will provide further information as soon they are available.


All participants (rowers, coxswains, coaches, exhibitors, and officials) have to register upon arrival and wear an accredidation at the venue.

The accreditation process takes place in the accreditation center which is located in the pink building at the soccer ground close to the roundabout (see venue map). When arriving with boats, it is recommended to first unload the boats and then walk to the accreditation center to pick up the required documents. Please remember that every participant should bring a copy of his/her passpord/ID.

The accreditation center’s opening hours are as follows:

  • Monday: 8 – 18 hrs
  • Tuesday: 8 – 18 hrs
  • Wednesday: 7:30 – (preliminary) 19 hrs
  • Saturday: 7 – (preliminary) 19 hrs
  • Sunday: 7 – (preliminary) 15 hrs

On Monday and Tuesday, it is also possible to make changes to crews, hand-in withdrawals and register for mixed events in the accreditation center. Starting from Wednesday, these entry-related actions can only be done at the RegattaCentral Desk in the main building of boat park A (left hand entrance).


Camping directly at the venue is not possible. However, camping spots are available about 500 meter away from the venue. Please check the according page for details.

Team tents

A limited number of team tents can be placed nearby the boat rental area at the sand beach. Reservations are required and can be made via email Please state the club and size of the tent in your registration. Registrations will be handled on “first come, first served” basis.

Placing tents at othe areas of the venue is not allowed.

It is also not allowed to place team tents at the boat parks or between the boats.

Bow Numbers

Bow numbers can be collected no earlier than one hour before the race at the bow number distribution tent near the pontoons in park A. After each race the numbers will be recollected by OC volunteers at the incoming pontoons.


There are three incoming and three outgoing pontoons at boat park A. One of the incoming pontoons serves for “hot seat” pontoon for quick crew changes. There is no dedicated pontoon for rental boats.

Boat Repairs

Boat builders and boat repair service providers are located between boat parks A and B along the way to the grandstand/finish tower. Boat builders and oar providers, who also offer material for rental, offer their repair services in the boat and oar rental area (boat park D).


Ergometers for training, warming up and cooling down will be provided and are located in the main building of boat park A, directly opposite of its middle entrance (“behind” the info desk).

Bag Drop

A free bag drop is located in the main building of Boat Park A, right next to the ergometer area (middle entrance, opposite the entrance, then on the right).

Medical Center

Medical and rescue service is available during the official opening times of the venue. For emergencies, the medical center is also available which is located near the entry of boat park A and is signposted accordingly.


Security and medical service will be available during the opening times of the venue. An ambulance will be located near the main entrance, a second one close to the victory ceremony pontoon.

Drinking Water

In Germany, tap water is drinkable and one of the most intensively controlled goods. The water from the taps in the sanitary installations (building at boat park A and near the grand stand) can be drunk. In order to help reduce waste and take care of the environment, please use tap water to fill your reusable water bottles.


A photo backdrop will be available near the grandstand for taking pictures at no charge.

Payment at the venue

At the regatta course, there will be the option for cash or card payment. It cannot be guaranteed that all stands will accept card payments.

The nearest ATM is located in the nearby Beetzsee-Center  (Google Maps)

Messenger Group

A WhatsApp channel named “2024 World Rowing Masters Regatta” is continuously being disseminated with information. It will also be utilized to share important updates during the event.

Join our channel now.

Shuttle Service

For the time of the event (from Monday to Sunday), the public transport authority of the city of Brandenburg offers the public transport bus line P from the main train station directly to the venue. Bus line P also offers connections to lines reaching out to other parts of the city. The departure and arrival times at the main station are aligned to the trains of line RE1 arriving/departing to and from Werder/Potsdam/Berlin and Genthin/Magedeburg, proving convienient and quick connections to cities with further accommodation. Please note the different schedules for the different days.

The bus stops directly across from the main train station building (tram station) and also stops directly at the regatta course. A regular ticket is required for transportation.

The most cost-effective ticket option is the Germany Ticket (“Deutschland Ticket”) for regional public transportation. It costs 49 Euros per month and allows you to travel in almost all regional public transportations (no long distance trains) within a month of the year. This ticket requires a subscription, but the subscription can be canceled immediately after the event/purchase. For purchase we recommend to use the DB Navigator App for your smartphone. Otherwise, please refer to Deutsche Bahn for details.

Alternatively, regular tickets from the Berlin-Brandenburg Transport Association (VBB) can be bought at ticket machines. Use the VBB’s online fare consultant to find the appropriate ticket (destination station: Brandenburg, Regattastrecke). We strongly recommend to buy tickets before starting our trip with public transportation.


Exhibitors who would like to have a presence at the 2024 WRMR are asked to register at the website until June 30th 2024. After the registration deadline exhibitors will be informed about their acceptance and the according space will be allocated.

Regatta Information

All essential information about the regatta is available in the Regatta/Regatta Information section on our website.


Accommodations for the World Rowing Masters Regatta 2024 in Brandenburg an der Havel can be booked here.

Please find information about camping sites on our website as well.

For inquiries regard the city, the Tourist Information of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel is available.

Tourist Information
Neustädtischer Markt 3
14776 Brandenburg an der Havel
Telephone: +49 (0)3381 79 63 60
Fax: +49 (0)3381 79 63 620