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Regatta Information

At the World Rowing Masters Regatta, the World Rowing Rules of Racing apply. The regulations, including Appendix R16 specific to this regatta, can be found on the World Rowing website.

Racing Schedule

The race schedule can be viewed as an overview on our website. Entries for the events can only be made via RegattaCentral.


Entries open on 22 March 2024, 21:00 CET
Entries close on 31 July 2024, 23:59 CET
Entry Fees:

  • early bird: 35 € per seat, for the first registered 1500 seats
  • regular fee: 38 € per seat

Entries for the events can be made via WRMR official registration provider: RegattaCentral from 22 March onwards.

All participants must have their ID verified before they are allowed to compete. This could be done in two ways

  1. Online via the World Rowing Masters Portal (recommended)
  2. Onsite in the Registration & Accreditation Center

At a World Rowing Masters Regatta, all crews shall enter and compete in the name of a club, or as a composite crew comprising members of two or more clubs. Only clubs recognised by their member federation may enter and compete.

No clubs from RUS or BLR will be allowed to participate at the 2024 WRMR.

RUS and BLR Nationals who are not resident in RUS or BLR and are members of non-RUS/non-BLR registered Rowing clubs in foreign countries will be allowed to participate. Such clubs maybe asked to confirm the membership of these participants.

Mixed Entries

Entries can only be made via, access to the entry platform will also be available at the accreditation center/registration and the RegattaCentral desk in the main building of boat park A.

Deadline: Friday, 13 September 18:00 CET

Masters and Youth Development Fund

All entry fees include 1 EUR for the Masters fund for youth development.

Entry Caps

In anticipation of a high number of entries, the World Rowing Masters Commission will once again implement entry caps for the World Rowing Masters Regatta this year. Entry limitations for each race are based on previous events and are incorporated into the registration system, RegattaCentral, where they can be viewed. Waiting lists are also activated, which come into effect upon reaching the designated entry limit per race. If the regatta’s time constraints permit as of the entry deadline, World Rowing will allocate available slots to entries on the waiting list and notify the teams on the waiting list within 48 to 72 hours.

Boat and Oar Rental

Together with World Rowing the OC established an open market for the boat and oar rental providers to allow for a good mix of different providers at the 2024 WRMR. Please check the according subpage for details on the rental providers.

Boat Rental
  • Empacher
  • Falcon
  • Filippi
  • Kanghua
  • Swift
Oar Rental
  • Braca Sport
  • Concept2

Traffic Rules

Download Traffic Rules as PDF

Identification/Passport Copy

All participants of the 2024 World Rowing Masters Regatta must bring a copy of an ID or passport. It must be carried as means of identification at all times including in the boat during racing and can be checked for security and safety reasons at any moment. There will also be spot checks on the out-going and incoming pontoons and no medal will be handed out without showing appropriate ID.

Crew Changes

Entries must be made in the name of a bona fide club registered with its national federation. A substitute will not be allowed if the age of the substituting rower lowers the average age of the crew by more than one year or changes the age category of that crew. Masters crews will be allowed to invite a substitute from another club. Please be aware however that this would turn a pure club crew into a composite crew, and thus render it ineligible for the club trophy points. The crew would remain eligible for the event’s medals. Crew changes can be done online via the registration system link before the entry deadline 31 July  2024.

After the entry deadline, any crew changes must be done onsite at the RegattaCentral desk (boat park) or at the accreditation center. Crew change forms must be submitted no later than 1 hour prior to the race time.

Exceptional Cases

Should it be necessary to take decisions in exceptional cases (e.g., postponement of a racing session), the Chair of the Masters Rowing Commission, in consultation with the President of the Jury and the Chair of the Organising Committee shall make such decisions. On behalf of the Executive Committee, the WR Masters Commission shall adjudicate on all cases not covered by the racing rules, the bye-laws and the present regulations, as well as on disputes which may arise during any World Rowing Masters Regatta. The decision of the WR Masters Commission shall be final.


Medals will be awarded to winners of each race (final). If the number of entries in an event exceeds the number of racing lanes, the entries will be divided into two or more finals of the same age group. A separate classification will take place and medals will be awarded for each age category , even when the race is held together with other age groups. This applies to both men’s and women’s events.

Zonal Umpiring

At World Rowing Masters Regattas, zonal umpiring positions shall be used, in order to eliminate wash from motor boats. There will therefore be no motor boats following the races; the number of such boats on the water will be kept to the minimum needed to ensure safety, efficient operation and maintenance of the course. At the discretion of the WR Masters Commission and/or President of the Jury, an Umpire’s launch may be used to follow races.


Official World Rowing and event merchandise would be available for purchase via the World Rowing/New Wave merchandise tent at the regatta venue. It is reminded that participants are not allowed to use the event name, the event logo and any variations such as “Brandenburg 2024” on any clothing or items they create for themselves.

Doping Control

Anti-doping tests will be conducted at the 2024 World Rowing Masters Regatta. Tests will be conducted by the German National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA). Athletes will be selected for testing by a pre-determined “blind” system. If selected for an anti-doping test, the Athlete will be notified upon arriving at the pontoon after their race and given a prescribed amount of time to report to the Doping Control Officer. During that time, selected athletes will be accompanied by a chaperone and are restricted in their activities which will be further explained by the chaperone. Selected athletes MUST report to the Doping Control Officer within this time or will be regarded as having an anti-doping violation.

Athletes who are competing within the prescribed time in another race, must report this to the Doping Control Officer. They will be chaperoned until they launch their boat for that race. After completion of that race, they will be immediately escorted back by a chaperone to the Doping Control Officer. At the Doping Control Station athletes should be prepared to declare all medications that they currently take, whether or not they might been found on the WADA Prohibited List. Failure to declare medication could also constitute an anti-doping-violation, and therefore World Rowing recommends that athletes have a list of current medication available. It is not recommended to stop use of any medication that is prescribed by a physician due to diagnosed medical conditions and that is appropriate for the medical condition, since this may result unwanted medical complications.

It is not necessary for athletes at the World Rowing Masters Regatta to have procured a so-called “Therapeutic Use Exemption” (“TUE”) prior to competing. If selected for testing, an athlete who is using a substance on the Prohibited List must seek a retroactive TUE within 14 days of the regatta, executed by a competent medical authority. The principles of the World-Anti-Doping-Code allow athletes with medical conditions to be treated with a Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method if:

  1. the treatment is needed to treat an acute or chronic medical condition and significant impairment to health would result if the treatment were to be withheld;
  2. it is highly unlikely to produce any additional enhancement of performance beyond a normal state of health;
  3. there is no reasonable therapeutic alternative; and
  4. the necessity for the treatment is not a consequence, wholly or in part, of the prior use of medication.

Master athletes are strongly advised to have a medical file prepared and ready to demonstrate their compliance with the TUE conditions set out in Article 4.1 of the International Standards for Therapeutic Use Exemptions (“ISTUE”), if they need to submit an application for a retroactive TUE following Sample collection.